100% Portuguese company founded in 1994 was the first to operate in the field of ballooning in Portugal.

It has carried out more than 4000 flights in national and international territory, where it seeks to offer the magic of flying to all those curious about the sport.

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    Nota: form does not apply to FIBAQ - Hot Air Balloons International Festival


    International Hot Air Balloon Festival

    The International Hot Air Balloon Festival (FIBAQ) had its first edition in 1997.
    It is annually organized by Publibalão and Alentejo sem Fronteiras – Clube de Balonismo and, after 24 editions marked by the strong success of this event, it is assumed as one of the largest and most important festivals in Europe.
    This event aims to promote ballooning in Portugal among sports lovers and the local community, generating an exchange of experiences between pilots and all those interested in the sport.
    During this event, you will be able to perform free captive flight baptisms, Night Glow shows open to the public and free flights in Hot Air Balloons.